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Train Stops, Requires Quick Inspection on Busy Afternoon for Police, Fire on 11th Street

The shuttered Eleventh Street Bridge was a beehive of activity on Friday afternoon.

A train on the CSX tracks below was forced to stop as a loud hissing noise was coming from one of the cars carrying sodium hydroxide solution.

Covington Fire Department responded to the scene and upon getting a close look at the situation, determined that the noise was being caused by air coming from the brake system. The firefighters then cleared the scene.

Meanwhile, at the same time, two police events were taking place on the same block of Eleventh Street in the Old Seminary Square neighborhood.

Police pursued a possible theft suspect but as of 5 p.m., it was not confirmed whether a suspect was arrested.

At the foot of the bridge, a man was filing a report with police about a computer that had just been stolen from his vehicle.