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Shop Moving from Newport's Monmouth Street to Mainstrasse Village

It's Only Fair is moving from Newport's Monmouth Street to Covington's Mainstrasse Village.

"Newport has been good to us and we have enjoyed our time there but it has been our dream for years to be located in Mainstrasse," said owner Reegan Hill. The new location will be 610 Main Street. "When (the space) opened up we absolutely fell in love with the spot and hope to be there for years."

It's Only Fair carries hand-crafted items from all over the world made by female survivors of human trafficking and people breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

"As consumers here in the west become more aware of slave labor, sweat shops, child labor, and trafficking, many people are choosing to spend their money differently and to shop with their conscience," Hill said. "At It's Only Fair, we believe that job creation is one of the solutions to poverty and that changing the world can be as simple as changing the way we shop."

It's Only Fair will operate in Newport for a few more weeks before opening in Mainstrasse.

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