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Covington Men Arrested for Stealing Beer from Newport Kroger

Three men are behind bars after police caught them allegedly stealing beer from the Kroger in Newport.

Steven Casey of Covington, a detective tells The River City News, tried to steal six cases of beer from the store while Jerome Casey, Jr. waited in a car outside.

"I was actually in the store on unrelated business and they asked me to help them with a shoplifting in progress," Detective John Dunn of the Newport Police Department said. "When I ran out into the parking lot, one guy was out of the car and then they took off and left the one guy in the parking lot."

Steven Casey was arrested on site, accused of lifting six cases of Bud Light from the store. Jerome Casey and Adam Hall were stopped by a Campbell County officer a short distance away. Casey was charged in the theft and Hall was arrested on an unrelated drug charge.

Photo: Jerome Casey/Campbell Co. Detention Center

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