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NuVo at Greenup Adds Nando Upstairs

The operators of Nuvo at Greenup are adding a second dining option upstairs.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Polly Campbell reports:

(Co-owner Marie) Anderson says it will be called Nando and open this spring, perhaps by mid-April. “If I think of  downstairs as my dinner party, upstairs is a cocktail party,” said Anderson. It will be a place where diners can spend some time before dinner–either at NuVo or elsewhere — with a glass of wine, beer, and some  small dishes. 

More on Nando and on a couple changes at Nuvo: Click Here

NuVo at Greenup opened last fall in Roebling Point inside the building that previously housed the Greenup Cafe. It is part of the entertainment district that most recently added nightclub and restaurant Forum.

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