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Kentucky Sets Record with Export Sales of $25.3 Billion

Sixteen states – including Kentucky – set new records for export sales last year, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced Tuesday.

Year-end data showed Kentucky had $25.3 billion in export sales, the 11th highest amount.

The other states setting records were Texas ($279.7 billion); California ($168.1 billion); Washington ($81.9 billion); Louisiana ($63.1 billion); Michigan ($58.5 billion); Ohio ($50.5 billion); Georgia ($37.6 billion); Tennessee ($32.4 billion); North Carolina ($29.3 billion); South Carolina ($26.1 billion); Connecticut ($16.5 billion); Mississippi ($12.4 billion); Maryland ($11.8 billion); Colorado ($8.7 billion); and Oklahoma ($6.9 billion).

Total merchandise exports from the 50 U.S. states helped contribute to the record-setting value of goods and services exports, which reached $2.3 trillion in 2013.

“These export numbers show that for more and more American companies, selling internationally is critical to growing their businesses and strengthening our economy,” Pritzker said . “We know for a fact, that for every $1 billion in exports nearly 5,000 jobs are supported across our nation, and with more than 95 percent of the world’s potential consumers residing outside our borders, exports will continue to be an important driver of the local and national economy. This important export data confirms that President Obama’s call for increasing our exports and ensuring that trade and investment become part of our economy’s DNA is the right course for America.”

In addition, 10 states enjoyed growth in total merchandise exports in 2013: Alaska; Arizona; Delaware; Kansas; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New York; Oregon; Pennsylvania; and South Dakota.

U.S. merchandise exports to countries that the United States has trade agreements with continued to be strong. This included record exports to: Canada (+2.7 percent); Mexico (+4.7 percent); Colombia (+13.8 percent); Panama (+9.6 percent); Peru (+7.6 percent); and Jordan (+18.2 percent).

More information about individual state contribution to national exports is available through the International Trade Administration’s Office of Trade and Economic Analysis website, which includes individual fact sheets for all 50 states.

An interactive map with national and state merchandise trade data is available here.