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Displaced Residents at Caroline Underpass Given OK to Return

Residents displaced by a wall collapse at the Caroline Underpass can move back in three of the four homes affected. The fourth home is having its private sewer lateral replaced Thursday, the last step in making that one inhabitable again.

"They were completely ready (Tuesday) and they are all in various stages of the moving process," said City Engineer Mike Yeager. 

The wall collapsed and a water main broke at the Caroline Underpass on December 13. Work was being done on the street below the underpass and the City of Covington and other entities may still end up in court to determine who was responsible for the repairs following the collapse.

While that issue plays out, the City moved forward on footing the bill (at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) in the meantime so that the residents could return home.

The day of the collapse, it was reported that residents could be displaced for a month, but it has been a full two months as the process was slowed by an inordinate amount of snow and freezing temperatures.