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Newport Low on Salt as More Snow Creeps Toward Area

The onslaught of snow has depleted most of Newport's salt supply, and another round of snow is on the way.

"At this point the City has very nearly depleted our supply of road salt," City Manager Tom Fromme said in a statement. "Our distributor is unable to obtain and provide any additional salt to us at this time."

Fromme said the City has reached out to a number of suppliers and found that there is no salt available. He said other local communities are facing similar problems.

In Covington, the salt supply is described as "decent" by Public Works director Rick Davis. The City got 220 tons of salt earlier this week which puts the total supply at between 400 and 500 tons in the salt dome. "We have ordered another thousand tons to completely fill our dome," Davis said. "We are mixing sand with our supply to extend as much as possible."

Fromme said Newport will follow a normal procedure for street priorities during the next weather event. "The normal procedure during a winter weather event is that hospital routes are treated first, followed by the hills and then the basin area of the city, including side streets," Fromme said. "All streets are treated in this priority orider."

Alleys will not be treated.

"We are continuing to make contacts to purchase additional salt as soon as possible," Fromme said.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo: Monmouth Street this winter in Newport/RCN file