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Old Incinerator to Be Sold by City of Ludlow

The City of Ludlow voted Thursday to sell its old trash incinerator in Devou Park.

The city council considered two order/resolutions including one that would have allowed for the incinerator's direct sale to Covington.

Covington has expressed interest in acquiring the incinerator for the purpose of preserving and renovating it for use on the Devou Park bike and hiking trails.

Instead, Ludlow will offer the property up for bids by making it surplus property after at least one other party expressed interest in possibly buying it, City Administrator Brian Richmond said Friday.

Covington could still purchase it through those means, he said.

Prospect Street parcel sold

Ludlow City Council also voted to sell the last remaining parcel of land known as Prospect Street.

Several years ago the City started to offer approximately twenty foot parcels of the never-used street to adjacent property owners.

Only one property owner at the time refused to accept it but that property now has new owners who accepted it for the price of one dollar.

Photo: Ludlow incinerator/RCN file