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State to Address Taylor Mill Safety Concerns with Traffic Changes

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) announced Friday that it will be making traffic changes at the intersection of the new Pride Parkway and Old Taylor Mill Road/Taylor Creek Drive in Taylor Mill.

KYTC District 6 said it has received notices of safety concern from nearby residents.

The changes:

  • A stop bar for southbound Pride Parkway will be added
  • Lane use arrows will be added
  • Various signage will be added
  • Dual mounted stop signs (pictured) will be added

KYTC calls the fix "temporary" until the new bridge is constructed and the road project is complete. When the bridge opens there will be no signals and drivers on Pride Parkway will not have to stop.

When the bridge is opened, both Old Taylor Mill Road and Taylor Creek Drive will have to yield to northbound and southbound Pride Parkway traffic which will include turning movements from the center turn lanes.

Photo provided