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Dayton's Glass is NKY Counselor of the Year

Dayton High School Counselor Jennifer Glass was presented with the Counselor of the Year award Friday during the Northern Kentucky Counseling Association meeting.

She was elected as the new President-elect for the organization, too. 

The letter nominating Glass for the award is below, as released by the Dayton Independent School District:

“I would like to nominate Jennifer Glass from Dayton High School for Counselor of the year this year. I remember her as a social studies teacher at Connor High School when I was there. I don’t remember the exact year she became counselor, but I do know what she’s done since becoming one.

First of all, she works in a school where 90-some percent of the students are on free and reduced lunch. She works tirelessly to ensure these students have access to higher education, and more importantly, that they see a future for themselves beyond their home town. Everyone I have ever talked to has only amazing things to say about Jen.

In the realm of professional school counselors in Northern Kentucky, Jen has become a leader in the Evidence-Based School Counselor area. As my school begins looking toward RAMP certification and evidence-based counseling, we look for Jen for guidance. She has become an industry leader and an expert in the field. Working with evidence-based counseling is about serving ALL students, and it is also about advocating for counselor and our value in schools. Without Jen and those like her, school counselors will continue to be treated like glorified classified staff.

With the help of Dr. Zyromski at NKU, Jen has hired two new counselors with their grant, and are well on their way to offering a comprehensive school counseling program.

In just a few short years, Jennifer Glass has become leader in Northern Kentucky. Just like when she taught history courses, she is relaxed, humble, open-minded, highly competent and genuine. With people like her in the lead, I know that the students of Northern Kentucky are in good hands.”

Photo: Jennifer Glass/Dayton Schools