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Circus Donates Mural, Tickets to Dayton's Lincoln Elementary

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus donated a circus-themed mural to Lincoln Elementary School in Dayton.

The circus also gave two tickets to every fourth grader at the school.

Locla artists from Higher Level Art created the mural that, according to Dayton Independent Schools, "will inspire our Little Devils to continuously grow in their reading".

Artists Danny, Matthew, and Robby worked after school let out on Friday through Sunday to create the mural in the school's media center.

In the mural, an elephant stands on a stack of books as a child reads, a happy clown paints the wall, and the ring master rides a horse, all next to a stack of books.

 photo lincolnmural4_zpse26f3a70.jpg

 photo lincolnmural2_zps45826095.jpg  photo lincolnmural3_zpse90adb58.jpg

From Lincoln Elementary

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