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Chamber Board Comes Out in Favor of Tolling Brent Spence Project

The Board of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce voted this week on a position statement that calls for moving forward on the Brent Spence Bridge project with the use of tolls to fund the $2.5 billion job.

The position statement calls for the protection of $60 million allocated for the project in Governor Steve Beshear's highway plan, passage of House Bill 407 that would allow piublic-private partnerships, assurance that Northern Kentucky's secondary transportation needs are addressed, and the use of tolls only for the construction, maintenance, and operation of the bridge and that once debt service is retired, a removal of tolls.

The Chamber asked that the tolling system be similar to the one enacted on the Louisville-Southern Indiana bridges project and for the region's Congressional delegation to secure more federal dollars for the project.

The Chamber recently came out in favor of House Bill 407 but stopped short of endorsing tolls. The move follows the CEO Roundtable, made up of some of the most prominent businessmen in the region, in endorsing a path forward on the bridge project with the use of tolls.

Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce board chair Debbie Simpson and interim president Brent Cooper released this video after the position statement was approved:

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