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$25,000 Sought for Victims of Friday Fire in Covington's Mutter Gottes Neighborhood

Fire destroyed a residence in Covington's Mutter Gottes neighborhood on Thursday and now friends of the victims are trying to raise $25,000 to help them.

The fire broke out Friday afternoon at the corner of Sixth & Craig Streets and caused extensive damage to the property. Two dogs were rescued, but a cat was killed.

Friends of the victims put up a page on where they seek to raise $25,000 and as of this writing have accumulated more than $7,300.

Here is the call for help:

On Feburary 27th The Kelly's (as they are lovingly known in the community) came home to their home surrounded by emergency vehicles trying to save their home from burning to the ground...but the fire won. The Kelly's lost all their possesions and their dear kitty, Boogie. 

Imagine yourself, your home and all you own. Up in flames before your very eyes. Yes, we are fortunate and blessed they are safe, but now what? 

Now we gather as friends, family, community.. to step up and help our friends Get Back to Before the Fire. This is not your house, this is not your family, this iis not your life. This is exactly why this matters to you. Say your prayers, thank your Lord and give with your heart.

So far, more than eighty people have given to the cause.

If you want to help, click here.

Video of Covington firefighters responding to the scene:

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