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Man Pleads Guilty in Villa Hills Shooting

A man pleaded guilty this week to two counts of attempted murder, one count of first degree assault, and two counts of first degree wanton endangerment after a shooting in Villa Hills.

Ronald Corman was scheduled to face trial starting Wednesday but pleaded guilty on Monday.

There was no plea agreement and Corman faces seventy years in prison when he is sentenced by Judge Patricia Summe in Kenton County Circuit Court on April 22.

Corman shot his wife twice and shot at his step-daughter two times in their home on Amsterdam Road in February 2013. Investigators said that he then placed a loaded gun to his step-daughter's head while shouting, "Is this what you want?!".

The step-daughter was able to wrestle Corman to a bed and continued a struggle until her wounded mother, who was bleeding profusely, could come to her aid. The mother laid on the gun until the step-daughter could flee to a neighbor's house to call 911.

Corman then put the gun in his own mouth.

An hour-long stand-off with police followed that ended when the Kenton County SWAT Team fired a less-than-lethal round at Corman while he stood in the front door of his home, knocking him into the residence. He then exited the home and leveled a gun at SWAT officers prompting a Lakeside Park/Crestview Hills Police officer to open fire, hitting Corman four times in the abdomen, arm, and groin.

Corman was hospitalized before being booked into the Kenton County Detention Center.

Photo: Ronald Corman/Kenton Co. Detention Center

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