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Bellevue School Board: No "Politics As Usual" in Search for Next Superintendent

The Bellevue Board of Education issued this letter to the community as it searches for a replacement of Superintendent Wayne Starnes who will retire:

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Thank you, to each and every parent/community member for your concern in regard to the selection of our next district leader. It is always very encouraging to hear from the parents of our children. This reply is being sent in response to the dozens and dozens of letters your Board of Education has recently received. It is very important for us to know that our parents and community members understand we have been elected to represent you and that your letters have been read and a compiled list of candidate attributes has been noted. This is an awesome confirmation that our original advertisement is an echo of your concerns. This Board of Education passionately agrees that there may not be a more impactful decision made, in any of our duration's as board members. It is also, extremely important to the board that the community, all parents and potential superintendent candidates understand, there will be no “Next in Line” or “Politics as Usual” scenario, during this important process. The next leader of this district will be selected solely on their ability to execute the vision of our community.

We have contracted a very competent Kentucky School Board Association to organize the process. The screening committee consists of (2) teachers, elected by our teachers; (1) board member, appointed by the board chairperson; (1) principal, elected by our principals; (1) parent, elected by the presidents of our parent‐teacher associations; and (1) classified employee, elected by our classified employees. The screening committee will narrow the field and recommend the very best candidates that have applied. The board will consider the recommendations of the screening committee, but are not bound by them. Your board members are well read on your concerns and will choose the very best applicant to lead us into the future.

Please understand that no stakeholder in this district is satisfied with our fall test scores. Every educational leader/instructor of your district has made it their personal charge to insure a quick recovery and to continue the steady forward progress we had previously adopted as the norm. We all understand that any lesser achievement is unacceptable. The good news is, over the past several years, so many positive things have evolved in this district and community, that being the next superintendent at Bellevue Independent has become an attractive proposition. In recent years, we have seen an incredible increase of parent, community and municipal involvement. The remarkable determination of every stakeholder is evidence that we will not fail. This obvious cultural change is undeniable, infectious and inspiring. Any person who works or lives within these district boundaries owns the right to be proud of this.

We have attached several positive achievements, and hope that you will help us to spread the word to all potential superintendent candidates, that Bellevue Public Schools will become one of the top districts in the state of Kentucky.

Please do not ever hesitate to drop us a line to voice your opinion. Make no mistake, we move as a team and you are a valued member of this team.

Your Bellevue Board of Education