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Covington Police Charge 60 in Trafficking Investigation Centered Around Heroin

Covington Police launched a massive operation on Thursday afternoon in pursuit of sixty suspected drug traffickers mostly dealing in heroin.

In conjunction with the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office, Kentucky Probation & Parole, the Kentucky National Guard, and the FBI, Covington Police underwent a four month-long investigation that led to charges for sixty suspected drug dealers.

Covington Police Chief Spike Jones said Thursday that more than ten had been arrested.

Thursday's round-up including a helicopter circling the city and multiple teams on the ground.

The investigation targeted drug sales in Covington from the Madison Avenue business district mostly, including areas around Scott Blvd., Greenup St., Pike St., and Philadelphia St. in Mainstrasse Village. Some other points in the city where suspects were identified include Latonia.

"We've taken the heroin epidemic in this region very seriously from the beginning and this is part of our continued effort to take heroin out of our region," Chief Jones said.

Jones said that some of the dealers may work together while others are separate. He also thanked the public for its support and effort in identifying the sixty suspects.

"The public clearly played a huge role for us leading up to this. We had the assistance of a number of residents who simply had had enough of what they were seeing in their neighborhoods and were very forthcoming with the information that helped us in obtaining the criminal cases," Jones said. "Many would not have been made without their assistance."

The investigation and search for suspects continued Thursday evening.

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