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Kentucky Not Entirely Reds Country, According to Facebook Data

Most of the Commonwealth roots, roots, roots for the Cincinnati Reds in the summer months, but some parts of the state prefer the Atlanta Braves or the St. Louis Cardinals.

Or even the New York Yankees.

Northern Kentucky is a natural spot for Reds fandom, but Cincinnati's team has support that stretches all the way down to the Tennessee border, according to Facebook, the social media giant that ranked teams in each American county based on the number of "likes" each team's page has.

Most teams win only in their respective geographic regions, but not the Yankees, who also are the preferred team in much of Florida, where they hold spring training. The Sox are favored in parts of the West, as are the Yankees, The Wall Street Journal reported.

As for Kentucky, the population centers are part of Reds Country while western Kentucky tends to be more in favor of the Cardinals and far eastern Kentucky joins the rest of the south in loving the Braves. A handful of counties also like the Yankees best, joining a majority of US counties.

Though Kentucky is cheering for four teams this summer, it's Nebraska that is the most divided with six teams claiming the most popular choice in counties there, according to Buzzfeed.

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