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Anonymous Group to Donate Thousands to Covington Projects

"We’re bullish on the future of Covington. We think our city is on the cusp of something great. We look forward to demonstration of this in at least four projects a year."

An anonymous group of Covington supporters will give $12,000 a year to projects in Covington.

CovingTen is made up of ten individuals and "started as a revolt against the (young professionals). At least one of us older folk was tired of being overlooked," one of the group's members told The River City News on the condition of anonymity.

"What's the fascinaton witht he under-40s? What are the rest of us supposed to do?," the member asked.

"But seriously, we wanted to capitalize and nurture the tremendous amount of creative energy in Covington right now. We are already involved, financially and physically, with many projects, but many of us are reaching our limits to contribute our efforts. We want to continue supporting these initiatives, however. So, we created CovingTen. Ten individuals have come together to combine the financial contributions each is already making in the community into larger mini-grants that we hope will have a significant impact in Covington."

Members of CovingTen have agreed to contribute $100 per month in support of Covington projects. The awards will be granted in the amount of $3,000 quarterly for a total of $12,000 a year. Multiple projects may be awarded and funds not used will be rolled over to the next quarter. "However, it is our goal to expend all funds within the period of a year," the member said.

"It's a bit of a civic/social experiment," the member told The River City News. "There are no stipulations or limitations other than those listed on the proposal sheet."

The proposal sheet, issued this week by CovingTen asks for a summary of a proposed project, how the project benefits the community, the project's schedule, its budget, how success will be measured, and what happens after it's completed.

CovingTen points to organizations elsewhere such as Portland Stock,, and as examples of what it hopes to accomplish here.


 photo cov10proposal_zps9aa7f362.jpg

Projects must be in Covington and anyone or anything can submit. "The request is wide open. We want creativity," the member said. "The ten group members will vote and determine what proposal gets funded, so there's still a fair amount of control in that regard. Enough control for each member to agree to contribute, anyway."

CovingTen previously assisted The Awesome Collective of Covington with its One Damn Bad Oyster Party, a celebration of Covington native and assassinated Governor William Goebel.

Proposals should be submitted to [email protected].

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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