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Northern Kentucky Business Leaders: P3 Bill (Without Tolls) is Way Region Wants It

The (Cincinnati) Enquirer’s Editorial Board recently published their opinion that Governor Beshear should veto House Bill 407 because it will effectively kill tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge. Well, in case the Enquirer hasn’t heard, that is exactly what the majority of Northern Kentuckians and the Northern Kentucky legislators want.
The majority of Northern Kentucky Cities, representing over 80% of the population, have passed “No Toll” resolutions.
Now, the Chamber of Commerce is desperately lobbying Governor Beshear to kill the once beloved P3 legislation (HB 407). Why less than a year ago, the Enquirer and the Chamber repeatedly stated that P3 legislation (1) will not necessarily lead to tolls; and (2) is of the utmost importance for economic development in the Commonwealth. Well, I guess they have changed their minds. At least now they are honest about their pro-toll position. 
HB 407 as written does not exclude Northern Kentucky. But, thanks to Arnold Simpson, the bill prohibits tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge. So, I guess if the Chamber and Enquirer (and the host of foreign corporations that support them) don’t get exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it, they hire lobbyists to get the Governor to step in and veto the legislation that passed the House and the Senate with overwhelming majorities.
Maybe it is time for the Enquirer and the Chamber to take their cue from Northern Kentucky and not out-of-state corporations and a utility company. With tolls off the table, we can openly move forward and explore new ideas and new financing options. We must find new ways to address our future infrastructure issues rather than letting out-of-state businesses push Northern Kentucky into a financial disaster. 
Northern Kentucky is united against tolls, so now let’s unite to invest in our road system to alleviate our traffic problems without tolls!
This editorial was submitted by:
Ed Bessler, Past President, Economy Meats
Joe Bessler, President, Bessler Auto Parts
Jim Brueggemann, President, Bavarian Trucking Company
Jeff Corken, President, Corken Steel Products
Richard Crist, Owner, D.M.C. Holdings Ltd. Co.
Ralph Drees, Past President, The Drees Company
Joe Egbers and Steve Egbers, The Batoray Company
Dan Ellis, President, Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.
Dennis Griffin, Former President, Griffin Industries
Warren Heist, President, Kremer’s Market
John Helmer, President, Helmer Plumbing, Inc.
Frank Henn Jr., President, Henn Plumbing Inc.
Mike Mangeot, Past CEO, Century Construction Inc.
Tim Mauntel
Joe Nienaber, President, Granite World
Hans Philippo, President, Holland Roofing
Tony Schmidt, President, Blue Grass Metals, Inc.
Tom Sedler, Treasurer, Home City Ice Company
Tom Seiter, Vice President, Boone Ready-Mix, Inc.
Donnie Snow, Owner , All-Rite Ready Mix, Inc.
Daniel Theissen, Vice President, Camco Checmical
Matth. Toebben, Past CEO, Toebben Companies
Gary Wulfeck, Vice President, Wulco, Inc.
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