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Photos: Volunteers Plant Trees on Covington's Holman Avenue

Dozens of volunteers responded to a call from the City of Covington to help replace trees along Holman Avenue on Saturday

The City of Covington was awarded a grant from the Kentucky Division of Forestry to buy 110 trees to be planed on the street. Bradford pear trees were removed with the city's urban forestry department calling the species invasive.

The street will now be lined by a variety of new trees, including the Pyramedial European Hornbeam, zelkova, Kwanzan cherry, autumn brilliance serviceberry, yellow wood, Japanese tree lilac, Washington hawthorne, and the black gum.

“I think an event like this is a brilliant way to engage the community in urban forestry," said Gus Wolf, an arborist and owner of Wolf trees. "Also, residents can learn how to plant trees and put that knowledge to work on their own property. It’s also a day that families can spend together, Mom and Dad can plant trees and the kids can play a part by saving the worms that are dug up and just being part of it.”
Fedders Feed Seed on Russell Street, Hill's Supply, and LaRosa's on Madison Avenue helped the volunteers.
Additionally, the city's five independent coffee shops, Blend, Groove, Left Bank, Monkey Brew, and Roebling Point Books & Coffee, banded together to provide java for the volunteers.
The volunteer effort continues Sunday.
Photos by RCN's Brian Frey