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Trailer: Covington Actors (& Martin Sheen's Brother) Part of Indie Thriller to Premier in Newport

"The last time they crucified him, that was a mistake. This time, it's his turn. Payback is a bitch!"
That tagline adorns the promotional posted for "Architect of Chaos", the locally produced independent feature film that will premier in Newport on May 3. 
The film, which features characters like Jesus, God, and Satan, stars Covington-based actors Shana Donsky and Matt Ogden alongside Joe Estevez, actor Martin Sheen's brother (and Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez/s uncle) in the role of God.
"Architect of Chaos" is filled with martial arts, high drama, and plot twists that hold a viewer's attention, said writer-director William Lee.
"It's what happens when someone gets tired of all the evil in the world and decides to kick butt," Lee said. His company, Cinema Lexzikon, is behind the film. "It's a message of what finally happens when things go a bit too far."
Though "Achitect of Chaos" had an indie budget, it was filmed across two continents with much of the production shot in and around Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio.
"We were very impressed with the local actors and crew," Lee said. "Our film distributor was amazed at the acting and special effects and we definitely agree. No doubt about it, this whole area has got talent!"
"Architect of Chaos" premiers Saturday, May 3, at the Southgate House Revival (111 E. Sixth Street) in Newport. The showing starts at 5 p.m. followed by a red carpet gala at 8 p.m.
Advance Tickets are available at
Watch the trailer:

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