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Actor in Carnegie's "Harvey" Recognized for Performance

The League of Cincinnati Theatres (LCT) recognized the work of Nathan Neorr in “Harvey,” playing now through April 27 at The Carnegie in Covington.
“Whenever Neorr was not on stage, I just wanted him to come back on,” stated one LCT panelist. Another noted “he did his job, though clearly inspired by his predecessor, Jimmy Stewart.” Finally, “he breathed life into the character, adding humanity to the crowd of archetypes.”

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Panelists noted that "Harvey" is a "delightful and charming comedy/fantasy" which is the story of Elwood P. Dowd, a well-liked and inexhaustibly happy man from a respected family...and his best friend is an invisible man-sized rabbit named Harvey.  Committing Elwood to a sanitarium, his social-climbing sister Veta is herself mistaken as loony while Elwood and Harvey gleefully carry out their bon vivant cocktail calendar with the hospital staff in hilarious pursuit.

League of Cincinnati Theatre panelists evaluate productions on a 5 star scale and recommend shows at either a 4 star or 5 star level. Nominations for LCT awards will be determined and announced at the end of the season and winners awarded at the annual LCT gala in the spring.

The League of Cincinnati Theatres was founded in 1999 to strengthen, nurture and promote Cincinnati’s theatre community. LCT provides its member companies and individual members with education, resources and services to enhance the quality and exposure of the theatre community in Cincinnati and increase community awareness, attendance and involvement. More information about the League can be found at

Photo: Via The Carnegie

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