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Covington Man Wanted for Robbery, Dragged Victim by the Hair

Police are looking for Jason Butts who is accused of robbing a woman.

Butts, 30, allegedly had a verbal altercation with a woman and then began pulling her hair and dragging her around a residence. Police say he then went through the woman's pockets, taking her mobile phone, ID, and house keys.

Before leaving the home, Butts also took the victim's money, Social Security card, and birth certificate.

Butts' last known address is on Edgecliff Road in Covington and in addition to the robbery charge he is also wanted on two misdemeanor theft and assault warrants and two traffic charges.

He is 6'2" and roughly 225 pounds.

If you have any information on Butts' whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at 513.352.3040.

Photo: Jason Butts