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As Covington Restaurant Extends Hours to Serve Dinner, Neighborhood to Show Appreciation

Rima D's decision to extend its hours to include dinner service in Downtown Covington will be supported by a local neighborhood association on Monday.

The Friends of Peaselburg Neighborhood Association is hosting "Peaselburg Night" at Rima D's, the restaurant on the northwest corner of Seventh Street & Madison Avenue.

"In support of Rima D's, a group of friends from the neighborhood are gathering at 5 p.m. for dinner. Everyone is invited," said Tony McAllister of FOPNA. "Thanks, Rima, for supporting the redevelopment going on in Covington."

Rima David, owner of Rima D's, announced the reopening of her Covington location late last summer after a few years of being closed. Her longer running and more successful location had been Rima's Diner in Crescent Springs.

Last month, David announced that she would be closing her Crescent Springs restaurant to focus exclusively on Covington where she would extend the restaurant's hours beyond lunch.

Photo: Rima D's/RCN file