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Monday is Final Day to Register to Vote in May Primary; New Precincts Identified

Monday, April 21 is the final day to register to vote in the May 20 primary election.

In addition to the Covington City Commission race, there are Republican primaries for the offices of Kenton County Judge Executive, all three County Commissioner seats, Sheriff, County Attorney, and a few others. The winners in most of those races will not face a Democratic challenger in November so the May 20 primary will determine the next holders of those offices.

Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe spoke to the Kenton County Mayors Group last week to address changes in the county's precincts and county commissioner boundaries.

"The reason I am so concerned with the redistricting is that it affects precincts and where people vote," Summe said. "I want to make sure people know and I want to get that information out to them."

New precincts and boundaries were drawn after the 2010 census and the redistricting of state legislative seats.

Summe place a link on the Clerk's website so that voters can find out where they are supposed to vote if they are uncertain. To access the Voter Information Center, click here.

Eight precincts were eliminated throughout the county but seven were added for a total of 107 precincts at 75 locations. All precincts will now be named by their cities instead of their locations. 

Hands Pike #1 & #2 will now be known as Covington #43 and #44 while Oak Ridge will be named Covington #45. Covington #45.5 was also created due to a 100-foot difference in state senatorial lines which will affect 35 voters.

In Ludlow, precincts #1 and #2 were merged, as were #3 and #4. All will vote at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Winston Park precinct will be named Taylor Mill #4.

As indicated in the map provided above, there were some slight changes to the boundaries for county commission districts. Taylor Mill precincts #1, #2, and #3 were moved into the first commissioner district, while Crestview Hills #1, #2, and #3 were moved to the third district. While all Republican voters in the county will elect the county commissioners, the candidates must reside within their districts. The changes also affect constables and magistrates which are elected exclusively in those boundaries.

Meanwhile, in Edgewood, 158 people were placed in a new Kenton County School Board district so special ballots will be made for them in the fall.

There were a lot of calls to Summe's office recently after the State Board of Elections sent out confusing postcards that left many residents concerned that they were not registered at all. 

"Everyone has been notified to where their precinct is," Summe said. "The silver lining (to the confusing postcards) is that it prompted a lot of calls to my office." She said new post cards were to be sent out within days.

-Michael Monks, editor

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