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New Riff Distilling Sets Opening Date in Newport

"I promised you a world-class building and we're delivering on that."

New Riff Distillery owner Ken Lewis announced to the Newport City Commission on Monday that his new operation would open to the public on Thursday, May 8.

The project is being developed in the parking lot of The Party Source in Bellevue. The distillery specializes in Kentucky whiskey and bourbon.

A time lapse video of the distillery's construction was presented Monday night.

"I don't think it went up quite that fast. Didn't feel like it to me," Lewis said. 

The distillery has been under construction for two and a half years and has been in development for four or five. The public can sign up for tours of the facility at New Riff's website. "We really hope that particularly people from Newport will support us and want to vist," Lewis said.

"This is one of the projects I'm proud to be associated with," said Newport City Solicitor Dan Braun who was filling in for City Manager Tom Fromme at Monday's meeting. Braun said he was involved every step of the way from inception, to bringing it to the city, to zoning, a development agreement, and ultimately, construction. "I got a personal tour a week and a half ago and it is one phenomenal facility."

"It's not only a great addition to our city but a great addition to our entire region," Mayor Jerry Peluso said.

"We're proud to be in Newport," Lewis said.

See the time lapse video of construction:

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo via Facebook

New Riff Distillery Opening May 2014 from Golden Hour Moving Pictures on Vimeo.