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Downtown Covington Area to Be Reimagined as "Madland"

Part of Downtown Covington will soon be christened as "Madland", a new branding effort to create a buzz around the city's music and arts scene.

BLDG, the Pike Street-based creative firm, and promoter Frank Hulefeld of Anthem Project Productions are working together on the effort that will revolve around seven different venues within two blocks of each other.

Hulefeld opened a new spot last week called CODA which can be found above Tickets, the sports-themed restaurant on Sixth Street.

All I can really say about Madland at this time is that it's a new arts and music district in Covington that is really going to become a major force in the scene," Hulefeld told last week. "It will revolve around seven different music venues all featuring live original music. And all the venues will be within 2 blocks of each other! In the near future we will be producing monthly venue crawls as well as outdoor street festivals. Madland is being spearheaded by my company, Anthem Project Productions, and the amazing graphic design/art collective, BLDG. CODA will be a vital part of Madland. It's very exciting to get to work on the creation of an entire music and arts district.

Covington's last attempt to create an arts district in the same vicinity was a spectacular failure, resulting in the area being zoned back to its original Downtown status in 2012.

That failed effort was led by the city's government and its related organizations, but this one is being led by some with proven records of success.

"Madland is the land of the free minds," BLDG said in a statement. "It's where expression is encouraged and partying is mandatory. With all art forms welcomed and all musical styles supported, it will become a major force driving Covington's already diverse music and arts scene."

More information on the Madlands effort is expected to be released soon.

Photo via BLDG

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