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Report: Kentucky is 7th Nerdiest State, an online national real estate search site, recently came out with another criteria for people to consider when searching for a place to settle down: nerdom.

Yes, compiled a list of the nerdiest states in America, and Kentucky ranks as No. 7. The top 10 nerdiest states are:

New Mexico
West Virginia

“There’s a lot to consider when choosing which state to live in,” read a post on the sites blog. “Will the locals trade Pokemon cards with you? Will you be mocked for LARPing in the park? Will you meet others who enjoy dressing up like Star Wars characters? For those who harbor interests considered nerdy or geekish, not all states are created equal. Estately crunched the numbers to determine which U.S. states have the most nerds per capita.

“To do this, we analyzed Facebook data for every U.S. state and the District of Columbia to determine the percentage of users who listed these 12 criteria as interests:

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Anime Movies
Dungeons & Dragons
LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing)
Doctor Who
Fantasy Lit
Lord of the Rings
Magic: The Gathering
Comic Books

Further, had this to say about Kentucky:

“Overall, the South is an unfriendly place for nerds. About as close as they can get is Kentucky, which loves comic books (2nd) and Magic: The Gathering (3rd). The Bluegrass State loathes Lord of the Rings (44th), but compensates for it with its instense love for Star Wars (5th) and Harry Potter (6th). This nerd sanctuary also has some of the most star-studded comic conventions in the country: Fandom Fest Louisville, Louisville Comic Con, Lexington Comic & Toy Con, and Derby City Comic Con.:

To see how other states fared, click here.

KY Forward staff report

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