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Architecture of NKU to Be Featured in Coffee Table Book

Tom Schiff knows a good picture when he sees one. And he saw a lot of great pictures when touring NKU’s campus – so many that he decided his next book would feature photography of NKU architecture.

Schiff, a local photographer who studied at Ohio University and specializes in taking panoramic photos, has made a name for himself nationally by producing books on cities like Cincinnati and Las Vegas, as well as another book on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

His next book will be titled: From Flicker to Flame: A Panoramic View of Five Eras of Northern Kentucky University, and it is scheduled for release from the University Press of Kentucky in Fall 2015. The book will be produced in part with a $50,000 donation from Schiff to NKU.

Each of Schiff's photographs shows a 360-degree — sometimes more — area in a two-dimensional view. During a 2004 lecture at Ohio’s Trisolini Gallery, Schiff noted that if the print were large enough, the photo could be wrapped around the viewer to create a miniature model of the space.

Schiff has worked with representatives from NKU’s department of University Archives and Marketing + Communications to pair up the current photos of NKU architecture with older pictures to show how much the campus has evolved. The result is a pictorial history, divided into five chapters — one for each president. An NKU luminary has written an essay about each of the five to help tell the school’s story.

While only a rough draft has been completed, those who have seen the book have come away impressed.

“I couldn’t ask for a better way to show the remarkable story and history of this university,” said student Arturo Minera. “Words alone could not do it justice.”

“From Flicker to Flame tells the dramatic story of NKU’s journey from an inspiring early vision to the dynamic university it is today,” said President Emeritus James Votruba. “Seeing NKU’s breathtaking evolution through the lens of Tom Schiff and others leaves no doubt in my mind that our flame will burn ever brighter in the years ahead."

Written by Ryan Clark of Northern Kentucky University's Web Marketing + Communications Department

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