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Boone Sheriff Asks State Police to Investigate Deadly Shooting; Deputy Feared for Life

UPDATE: The Kentucky State Police have denied the request by the Boone County Sheriff's Office to investigate the shooting death of 19-year old Samantha Ramsey. KSP cited policy and current protocol, according to Boone County Sheriff's.  State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer offered to provide support for the investigation "including but not limited to use of a forensic scanner, expediting lab requests, and any other technical or investigative assistance". 


Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig has requested that Kentucky State Police investigate the shooting death of 19-year old Samantha Ramsey who died from bullets fired by Deputy Tyler Brockman last weekend following a field party on River Road.

The sheriff's office had been handling the investigation internally. Following questions concerning the appearance of impropriety, Helmig asked the state to step in, according to a news release from the sheriff's office.

"Simply put, we owe it to Samantha's family, Deputy Brockman and his family, and to our stakeholders for this investigation to be conducted without any cloud of any wrongdoing," Helmig said in the release.

Meanwhile, a memo obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer indicates that Brockman feared for his life in those early morning hours of Sunday. Jim Hannah reports:

Brockman's statement claims Ramsey "punched the gas and made a left turn striking Deputy Brockman and causing him to jump, to avoid from being run over and killed."

After firing his gun, Brockman fell from the car, landed on his right foot and felt a sharp pain and heard a pop, according to the statement. Brockman later stated he thought he broke his foot.

"The vehicle was still moving in the direction of Deputy Brockman as (he) attempted to stumble out of the way of the vehicle as to not be run over," according to the statement. "Deputy Brockman kept his handgun aimed at the car but fired no more rounds. The vehicle eventually came to a stop."

Ramsey was a Covington resident and a graduate of Holmes High School. Brockman has been on paid administrative leave during the investigation, a routine procedure in cases such as this.

Photo: Tyler Brockman/provided