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Colonial Inn Faces Loss of Business License

The historic property operating as the Colonial Inn faces revocation of its business license next week.

The possible revocation follows a police raid in November in which more than a dozen drug charges were filed at the Madison Avenue site. 

Ultimately there were twelve arrests, according to assistant city solicitor Bryce Rhoades, as well as sixteen controlled buys of drugs including twelve heroin purchases, two for prescription pills, and two for crack.

The Colonial Inn has received numerous notices about criminal nuisance violations dating back to 2012, Rhoades said.

The property is owned by Jason Mardis of Blue Diamond Properties which owns several dozens of properties in the area. The hearing would be before the Covington City Commission on Tuesday, though Rhoades said it would likely be continued as Mardis's attorney is reviewing the case. If the license is revoked, the business would not be permitted to operate on the premises and the tenants would likely have to vacate.

The Colonial Inn has long been an area of concern for Covington Police and was part of the TV show COPS episodes that filmed in the city several years ago.

The property is also a possible target for demolition depending on plans to reconstruct the Fifteenth Street Bridge.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: The Colonial Inn/RCN file