Mortimer Benton: Covington's First Mayor

Covington's first mayor was just 27-years old when he took office in 1834.

Mortimer Benton served for just one year, but his political and civic careers were just beginning.

Benton, for whom a street is named in the city, is the topic of a feature article in the latest edition of Bulletin of the Kenton County Historic Society:

Strolling the busy avenues of Covington, one passes many familiar streets named after Kentucky’s most well known citizens and leaders, including George Madison, fifth governor of Kentucky, and Thomas Sanford, the first representative in Congress from the Sixth District, just to name a few. One must travel away from the downtown region to the old Peaselburg neighborhood of Covington, however to find a road named for Mortimer Murray Benton, one of Covington's most underrated and overlooked leaders.

To learn more about the city's first mayor and what happened after his short time in office, read the rest of Jamie Crouch's story: Click Here (PDF)

Photo: Mortimer Benton