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Bellevue Student Brings Goodwill Charity Effort to School

An eighth grade student from Bellevue has brought Goodwill's mission of community service to campus.

Matt Casto contacted the Ohio Valley Goodwill to inquire about hosting a donation drive at his school, saying that he liked the organization's efforts in helping people get jobs.

After Casto's request, Goodwill dropped off blue donation barrels in every hallway of the high school. The month-long donation drive involved all 300 students at the school as well as families and staff.

"I researched it and I've seen what they can do for our community," Casto said. "I also studied their website and asked for people's opinions. Everything I learned helped me to decide Goodwill would be the best place because they help people with disabilities and veterans get jobs. I thought our donations would help."

Casto is a member of a program called GEAR UP Kentucky which is a grant program designed to work with schools to create a plan to develop and maintain a college-going culture in their schools.

The charity effort was promoted on the school district's Facebook page and was part of regular announcements on campus. Casto's advisor, Lori Mangan of GEAR UP, said that a parent also offered to make a large donation after the neighborhood yard sale event.

Goodwill's public information officer and well-known local personality Michael Flannery will be making a personal visit to Casto and his classmates to thank them for their support of Ohio Valley Goodwill. "It is kids like Matt that help to inspire us and show us how important it is for students to understand our mission to the community," Flannery said. "I am certainly looking forward to my visit to Bellevue High School later this month."

From Ohio Valley Goodwill

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