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Coving Ten Announces First Two Recipients of Funding

The anonymous group of charitable givers collectively known as CovingTen have announced the first pair of recipients of its funding.

"We’re bullish on the future of Covington. We think our city is on the cusp of something great. We look forward to demonstration of this in at least four projects a year," the group told The River City News in April when it solicited proposals for the first time.

Members of CovingTen have agreed to contribute $100 per month in support of Covington projects. The awards will be granted in the amount of $3,000 quarterly for a total of $12,000 a year. Multiple projects may be awarded and funds not used will be rolled over to the next quarter. "However, it is our goal to expend all funds within the period of a year," a member said in April.

The group announced this week that it received eighteen proposals. "We were absolutely overwhelmed at the quantity and quality of the proposals," the group said. "There is so much great energy in Covington. The strong response validates our mission."

The two projects selected are funds to install electricity for a pop-up park and stage at a city-owned property, proposed by Katie Meyer, and funds to install a bronze home plate at the original site of home plate at Federal Park where the short-lived Covington Blue Sox major league baseball team played for two months in 1913, proposed by Jerod Theobald.

CovingTen previously gave funds to the One Damn Bad Oytser Party produced by the Awesome Collective of Covington in February celebrating the life and death of Covington native and assassinated Kentucky Governor William Goebel.

The next proposals are due on August 1. To see the application, click here.

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