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Survey: Should City Pay Tribute to Assassinated Governor, Covington Native?

The spirit and assassination of Kentucky Governor and Covington native William Goebel were celebrated and recreated during a first-time event sponsored by The Awesome Collective of Covington in February.

Goebel died from a gunshot wound in 1900, days after winning election to the state's highest office under dubious circumstances. His death nearly led to widespread bloodshed in the state capital. Prior to his run for governor, Goebel was a state senator from Kenton County.

No politician from Northern Kentucky has been elected governor since.

The Awesome Collective's "One Damn Bad Oyster Party" in the city park named for Goebel paid tribute to Covington's native fallen son. The title derived from the long-held belief that Goebel parted with one last quip, saying to his doctor before fading away, "Doc, that was one damn bad oyster". 

At the event, oysters were served, music was played, and Goebel's assassination was reenacted.

The idea originated during the Awesome Collective's participation in the NeighborWorks American conference in Sacramento last fall. Now the group is exploring its options for pursuing a legacy piece to honor Goebel -- and community feedback is wanted.

Do you think funds raised at the oyster party should go toward building a statue of Goebel in Goebel Park? Maybe an annual award? Should the oyster party be an annual event?

Check out the survey and weigh in: Click Here

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