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Video: "Chaotic" Dayton City Council Meeting

UPDATE (7 p.m.): The next Dayton City Council meeting will in fact be at the Dayton Board of Education building, Mayor Ken Rankle said on Facebook Monday afternoon. Rankle said the VFW, an alternative meeting space proposed by some members of council, is having a parade meeting that day. "Sorry for the mix-up," Rankle said. "Maybe enough people can attend this meeting and ask that all meeting(s) be at the (Board of Ed.) building. Please attend the meeting. The council may select a person to fill Bobby Allen's seat. This seat should be filed by someone not running for council."

At last week's meeting, a contentious vote overturned a previous decision to move from the cramped city building to the Board of Education to accommodate a growing number of citizens in attendance. 

Councilman Bobby Allen resigned at meeting's end and recommended a current council candidate and former fire chief to replace him. The city council has thirty days to appoint a new member or the matter goes to Gov. Steve Beshear.

The meeting is on May 20, which is also primary election day in Kentucky. 


Last week's Dayton City Council meeting was full of tension and ended with its members not being able to agree on where to meet consistently in the future.

The meeting also featured the resignation of long-time member Bobby Allen.

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Video from the meeting has been posted to YouTube so that citizens can watch it in its entirety.

In the first video, see the contentious debate over meeting locations beginning around 1:21:45:

In the second video, at 14:15 you can hear a councilman mumble "shut up" when a citizen and council candidate asks a question, and then see Allen's resignation shortly after:

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Photo: Bobby Allen resigns from Dayton City Council/RCN file