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Life Learning Center Receives Grant from Duke Energy

Life Learning Center of Covington has received $50,000 from Duke Energy to fund expansion of its program, Foundations for a Better LifeTM.

Life Learning Center is a non-profit organization serving "at-risk" individuals in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. Its goal is to help unemployed and under-employed individuals achieve lives of purpose, solid employment, financial stability, and a healthier lifestyle. Formed in 2006, Life Learning Center has helped over 1,000 individuals to date. In 2013, 87% of Candidates completing the program secured employment. The Center's Candidate demographics are fairly diverse. The average age is 36. Forty-five percent of Candidates have a criminal record. Seventy-five percent reside in Northern Kentucky and the rest live elsewhere in Greater Cincinnati.

The center is in the process of moving to the Stewart Iron Works building once renovation is complete.

Foundations for a Better LifeTM was developed to enhance the Center's original employment-focused program, Working for a Better LifeTM.  The expanded Foundations curriculum offers a long-term continuum of education and care that helps committed Candidates "learn how to live" and achieve long-term transformational change in all areas of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relationships.

"Life Learning Center is about starting over. Going back to build the framework, the foundations, discovering what could be, letting go of the past and learning what was not learned by those who seriously struggle in the cycle of generational poverty.," said Bill Butler, Life Learning Center founding Board member and chairman of Corporex Companies.

The Life Learning Center's program aligns with Duke Energy's interest in workforce development activities that ultimately fuel economic development activity in the region. Foundations for a Better LifeTM also increases community leadership and vitality because as Candidates complete Life Learning Center programs, there is a "ripple effect" that benefits their families as well.

Life Learning Center accepts charitable donations for programming, operating support, and capital projects. For more information about Life Learning Center or to support its community efforts, contact Denise Govan at 859-431-0100, ext. 116 or [email protected].

Photo: Stewart Iron Works building/RCN file

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