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Video: What Kentucky Senate Ads Would Look Like if Aired on HBO

HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver skewered the US Senate race in Kentucky for the candidates' use of over-the-top imagery and taglines in their respective campaign commercials.

WARNING: Graphic language, imagery, and nudity

The new show that takes seriously comedic aim at current events spent eleven minutes on the topic, resulting in a (very not safe work and inappropriate for children) video that you can see below.

The final piece included produced videos showcasing what candidates could say and show about each other if the commercials aired on HBO which is free of most of the FCC rules that affect broadcast networks and channels.

"Alison Lundergan Grimes will rip off Kentucky's head and shit down its throat," says the faux ad made on behalf of McConnell after showing Grimes slaughtering coal miners with a chainsaw.

As for the fake Grimes ad against McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader is referred to as "an old white dick", and is then showed as one. Literally.

The video is below.

Meanwhile, real news was made in the race this week. A new NBC News/Marist poll showed a tight race between the two with McConnell leading Grimes by just a one point margin, 46-45. That may be why the cost of the race is expected to reach $100 million which prompted Oliver's long segment on Sunday night.

The poll also showed low approval ratings for McConnell and President Obama in Kentucky while indicating that Governor Steve Beshear is celebrating a 61% approval rating. The poll also shows that the Affordable Care Act is unpopular when referred to as Obamacare, but its numbers improve when called kynect, the Kentucky program made possible by Obamacare. The poll breaks down the larger numbers by region, including Northern Kentucky, and can be viewed by clicking here (PDF).

Rolling Stone also pays a visit to Kentucky in its most recent issue:

The most Midwestern of the Southern states, Kentucky ranks near the top of the nation in drug-overdose deaths and income inequality. Since Bill Clinton left office, Kentucky has been consistently red when it comes to presidential elections, and the long, slow death of the coal industry, accelerated in recent years by competition from cheap natural gas and regulatory threats from the Obama administration, has made the political landscape only more treacherous for liberals. Yet the state's most popular elected official, Gov. Steve Beshear, is a Democrat who cannily figured out a way to design one of the most successful state health exchanges in the nation, despite the toxicity of President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky. (Beshear is the only Southern governor who did not reject the Obama­care Medicaid expansion.)

Back in Washington, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, once dismissed as a joke from the libertarian fringe, has become the fastest­rising freshman senator since, well, Obama, much to the horror of the Republican establishment. That establishment happens to be more or less embodied by Kentucky's other senator, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who now faces his toughest re-election in decades, despite his opportunistic embrace of his junior colleague. Could the deep fissures rending the modern GOP, its stumbling old guard versus the ascendant insurgency, be encapsulated more perfectly by any two men?

Read Rolling Stone's "Kentucky Death Match" by clicking here.

And now, for John Oliver's video.

WARNING: Graphic language, imagery, and nudity