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Highest Salaries for 2014 College Graduates in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati

As college seniors throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky graduate and search for jobs, Employers Resource Association (ERA), an organization specializing in human resources consulting, training, development, legal updates, news and information, announced the results of its survey on the average starting salaries for 2014 college graduates.

The survey of ERA’s members, more than 1,300 companies that range from Fortune 500 to small and midsize companies, primarily in the Midwest, found that the careers with the highest starting salaries for graduates with a bachelor’s degree are Chemical Engineering ($60,850), Electrical/Electronic Engineering ($55,549) and Software Engineering ($52,238). The lowest starting salaries for graduates with bachelor’s degrees were in English ($33,675), Psychology ($34,605) and Liberal Arts & Sciences and Sociology ($36,340).

The highest salary for graduates with a master’s degree was Computer Science ($65,000), while the lowest was Psychology ($35,333).

Data also showed that 76 percent of surveyed organizations hired at least the same number of recent graduates as was the case in last year’s survey, with 40 percent hiring more than the previous year.

“The ongoing growth of innovative start up cultures around college campuses is helping to expand the current job market, so business communication and computer engineering-related fields are seeing the largest increase in both demand for master’s-level employees and their starting salary figures,” said Monique Kahkonen, SPHR, Director, Compensation and Benefit Services, Employers Resource Association. “But on the back end of that, entry-level software engineers have flooded the pool, so the demand is still high but they are seeing the most dramatic cuts in starting salaries.”

The job markets with the biggest salary increase, from last year’s survey, for graduates with bachelor’s degrees was Biological Sciences (up 38 percent) and Communication (up 16 percent), while the markets with the largest decrease was Software Engineering (down 23 percent) and Public Relations (down 19 percent).

In addition to its Starting Salary Survey, ERA conducts dozens of other surveys as part of its annual Survey Series, including Executive Compensation, HR Policies & Practices Survey, Non-Profit Salary Survey and Health and Welfare Benefits Survey, for companies planning for premiums in the coming year. Most survey reports are available free to member participants and survey reports are available for purchase for non-participants and non-members.

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