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Hit & Run Victim's Family Raises $12,000 Online in 15 Hours for Funeral

The family of a Kenton County woman struck and killed in an apparent hit-and-run has raised $12,000 through online requests for funeral expenses.

Lauren Pettit, 29, of Erlanger, was found dead alongside Crescent Springs Pike on Saturday morning by a Duke Energy worker.

The suspected driver, Lonnie Turner, 38, turned himself into police on Sunday.

Pettit's family created a memorial page soliciting contributions to help pay for Lauren's funeral expenses. Her sister, Lyndsey Godshall, wrote these words:

This tragic story began this past Friday night.  My sister, Lauren Pettit, works the second shift in Erlanger, Ky.  She went in to work around five o'clock and got off at five until eleven.  She had a flat tire, and Lauren, bless her heart, never wanting to be a burden to others decided to walk home.

She would never make it home.  She was struck by a driver going full speed on that walk.  That person decided that it would be more important to save his own ass than to call for help.  Remember this was at eleven o'clock at night and her body was not found until eight o'clock the next morning.  It breaks my heart to think that she was lying on the side of the road for that long until somebody found her.

We have now found out that there was a 911 call informing authorities that there was an erratic driver getting off the expressway near Buttermilk.  They were able to identify those plates.  Seeing this information the passenger in the vehicle called in to the police with more information Saturday afternoon.

We have received further information that the two in the car do not have insurance in place to be able to cover any funeral expenses that me and my parents will have to incur.  The driver was a multiple time felon who I am sure will have his day in court but does not have the means to assist in laying my poor sister to rest.

I am asking that you please find it in your heart to help us in any way that you can.  Remember that a few dollars from a few people can start to add up.  Anything that you could spare would go a long way in helping my family in our time of need.

The family set a goal of raising $12,000 and within fifteen hours had received $11,938. Godshall posted this message on Tuesday morning:

Me and my family cannot express the amount of gratitude that we feel from the response in less than 12 hours. We would never in a million years expected this. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and this gives us one less thing to worry about. 

If we somehow are able collect more than what is needed I can assure you that we will find a worthy cause for the extra funds. 

God bless you all, you don't know how much this means.

Turner appeared in court on Monday. He is currently in the Kenton County Detention Center where he faces charges of manslaugher, a parole violation, and being a persistent felony offender. He is being held on $100,000 bond.

Photo: Lauren Pettit