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Smell of Smoke Sends Fire Department to Ascent Amid Union's Safety Alert

On the day that Covington Professional Firefighters Local 38 issued a safety alert over a lack of ladder trucks in the department, firefighters were dispatched to one of Covington's tallest buildings.

Fire trucks showed up at the Ascent condo tower near the Roebling Suspension Bridge at around 8 p.m. Wednesday. At least four trucks from Covington along with an ambulance were joined by a truck from Newport.

City Commissioner Steve Frank, an Ascent resident, posted to Facebook that he returned home to the scene which was prompted by an apparent smell of smoke from duct work in the building. He said all was apparently clear at around 8:30 p.m.

Many residents were moved to the lobby following the sounding of a fire alarm in the building.

 photo ascentfire2_zps6db09d56.jpg

Firefighters enter the Ascent/RCN

Earlier Wednesday, Local 38 issued a safety alert. "The City of Covington has no working ladder trucks at the moment," the union posted on its Facebook page. "One is down for long term repairs and the 20-year old tiller truck broke down today. The city's lack of planning is causing serious safety concerns for the citizens."

In April, Local 38 president Jimmy Adams talked to The River City News about the department's hopes for an improved fleet and buildings.

He touched on the issue of ladder trucks, specifically saying that one had been seeing a significant increase in its workload.

"It's reached its service age of twenty years and it costs the city," Adams said at the time. "They've put like $40,000 into its last year. A new motor, transmission. So, I know they've put a good $50,000 into it the last few years and it's still in very poor condition."

The city is currently developing a budget for the next fiscal year.

"We're going through the budget process and we have to look at what's available," Klein told The River City News in April. "We are going to address some of the (issues) Jimmy and Local 38 and I have discussed."

-Story & photos by Michael Monks, editor

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