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When Trailer Fire Destroyed Kids' Toys, Covington Police Responded in Big Way


The fire that ripped through a Latonia trailer following a domestic dispute in which one man was shot also claimed every toy Taylor and Amber Swain owned.

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The violence of the situation, in which one man held a gun to a woman's head before shooting her son in the arm, was more than enough to cause concern for the children's welfare. But the Covington Police Department and its Fraternal Order of Police members went the extra mile to restore comfort for the Swain kids.

While the shooter remains in a Cincinnati hospital suffering from injuries after he allegedly burned the trailer while trying to flee, grandmother Hope King brought Amber and Taylor to the police department for reasons they didn't know. It was an invitation from the FOP.

 photo IMG_1390_zpseb3a2caa.jpg

Remains of the mobile home in Rosedale/RCN

The kids enjoyed snacks and cokes and then the party really started.

Officers and representatives from the Florence Toys R Us store showed up with bags and bags of new toys, all either donated or paid for by the FOP.

"It means a lot," King said. The family has been living in a hotel room since Monday's shooting and fire that destroyed their trailer at the Rosedale Mobile Home Park. "They've been doing pretty good," King said of her grandchildren. "They're getting better."

FOP President Bryan Bogard said officers took it upon themselves to initiate contact with the toy store. The night of the fire, Officer Michael Lusardi went to Walmart where new clothes were donated for the children. Lusardi and Officer Justin Wietholter rescued Amber from the fire. Officer Tony Jansen assisted the two in organizing the toy event on Wednesday at headquarters.

"All they had was their pajamas," Bogard said. "They had noting else."

"I think it's tremendous the way these officers showed this kind of thought for the victims."

Story & photos by Michael Monks, editor (Photos of children and their identities are shared with permission of King)