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Father Who Killed Stepfather in Latonia Wrote of Children's "Kidnapping"

The man who police identified as the gunman in Sunday's deadly shooting in the parking lot of the Latonia Dairy Queen had written a lengthy blog post accusing his victim and his children's mother of kidnapping his kids.

Zuriel Turk, 41, met his four children and their stepfather, Mark Kroening for a pre-arranged custodial visit.

Though the meetings were apparently regular according to Covington Police, Turk brought a gun on Sunday and shot and killed Kroening and then turned the gun on himself, committing suicide in front of his kids who range in age from ten to fifteen.

A blog attributed to a Zuriel Turk was used in 2011 to detail his legal battles over the custody of his children. It had not been updated in three years. However, on Sunday, May 18, a week before the deadly shooting, Turk wrote a post titled (Names of his kids redacted), My Kidnapped Children.

Though the authenticity of the post cannot be confirmed, many of the names involved in the case are cited in the blog post. The photo associated with the blog profile matches multiple mugshots of Turk available at the Kenton County Detention Center where he had been booked on charges of intimidating a witness in a legal process, contempt of court/slander, and first degree sexual abuse.

The blog post is published in full below:

My dear children, 

               I write this letter to you because you have truly been kidnapped from me and all other ways of me communicating with you has been cut off by your kidnappers.

               (Name redacted), my son, I really missed you on your birthday and still miss you today.  You are growing up so fast and I am proud of you and love you.  I hoped to wish you Happy Birthday in person, but your kidnappers prevent this from happening.
               (Name redacted), my daughter, your birthday is coming soon.  You are no longer a little girl but are a beautiful young lady.  If you don’t hear from me on your birthday, know that I am thinking of you and love you and miss you.
               (Name redacted), my daughter, you are maturing so fast.  Your brother and sisters need you more than you know.  Please help me look after them in my absence.  I love you and you always make me proud.

               (Name redacted), my daughter, you are the youngest of my children.  Never forget I am your father and I will always love you.

               My children, I am your father and you were kidnapped from me ten years ago.  You are still kidnapped from me today.  And there is great effort to keep you kidnapped from me.  But the harder I try to be your daddy and be a part of your life, the harder your kidnappers try to keep me out of your life and keep you kidnapped from me.  And your kidnappers are succeeding.  I do not know when I will see you again or even if I will be able to write you again.

               Your kidnappers do not want you to have a relationship with me, your real dad, and they especially do not want you to hear my voice.  If you did have a relationship with me and you could hear my voice then you would not be kidnapped. But you are indeed kidnapped.

               My children, your ten year long kidnapping is a part of our history.  It is part of my history and it is part of your history.  And your kidnapping is real.  There is an effort by your kidnappers to cause everyone, including you, to believe that there never was a kidnapping and that you are not kidnapped still today.  To say that you are not kidnapped or that you are not still kidnapped is a lie.  It is a lie that your kidnappers want to force me to believe and it is a lie that your kidnappers want you to believe. 
               Your kidnappers know that if I am a good father to you you will hear my voice and that my voice is part of being your father.  Your kidnappers fear this most of all, because if you hear my voice you will also hear that you are kidnapped.  If you hear you are kidnapped, you will also hear who kidnapped you and who is keeping you kidnapped.  If you are not kidnapped, then I would not be voicing your kidnapping.  Your kidnappers know that the only way they can kidnap you absolutely is to silence your fathers voice absolutely.
               I have decided to write to you for many reasons.  One of these reasons is because I have been told by your kidnappers that if I talk to you about your kidnapping or your kidnappers that this makes me a bad father.  I disagree.  Indeed it is my right and my duty to talk to you about your kidnapping and the kidnappers that keep you kidnapped.  I have been forbidden to talk with you about these things even though it is my right and my duty so I am writing to you instead, and I intend to write you at least once a week if not more till you are kidnapped no more.  Every week we are robbed from seeing each other, every week we are kept from even talking with each other, I am going to write you.  If I do not write you every week, it is only because I have been thrown into a debtor’s prison by kidnappers and a corrupt court that will stop at nothing to keep me from being a part of your lives.
               There is a ransom on you, my children, and just recently the ransom has been raised beyond my capability to pay.  My children, if I had a million dollars I would gladly give it all up just for another hour with you or even for a quick talk on the phone.  But I do not have a million dollars, and I do not have the ransom that is being demanded for you.  The ransom was raised maliciously and with intent to force me into being a criminal.  If today I am a criminal it is not because I have done anything bad and it is not because I want to be a criminal.  If I am a criminal it is because kidnappers and a corrupt court making me a criminal weather I like it or not.  If I am locked up for a long time it is because I won’t give up on being your father the best way I know how.  If I am lock up it is because kidnappers want to shake me down for more ransom than I can ever possibly come up with and to rob me and you of each other.
               Me being a part of your life is more important than the money being demanded by your kidnappers.  True kidnappers do not believe so.  It is more important for real kidnappers do what they can to keep the children they kidnapped and to get more money for their kidnappings.  If your kidnappers loved you like they say they do they would not victimize your father the way they do, because when they are victimizing me they are also victimizing you.
So who are these kidnappers I keep talking about?  It started in 2005 with your mom and your pastor, Pastor William Frey.  Since 2005 others have involved themselves to keep you kidnapped.  This included your current pastor, Pastor Andy Doherty.  Pastor Andy Doherty even helped Rick and Teresa DeBorde kidnap you from your mom for a while.  I helped your mom get you back but you are still kidnapped from me.  Pastor Andy Doherty is a bad and evil man.  He claims to be a man of God but his actions towards our family are evil and satanic.  He took advantage of your mom while she was separated from me and he cheated on his wife with your mom. My children, I do not want you around this man.  It hurts me every time he is around you.  It is blasphemy every time he talks to you about God.  If you have any love left for me, my children, then please separate yourselves permanently from this man. Your kidnappers have made it impossible for me to separate this man from you.  So please, my children, if you care at all for your father, please separate yourselves from Pastor Andy Doherty and his church.  Please separate yourselves from this evil man that poses as a man of God, and that defiled your mom and then kidnapped you from your mom in 2007 when your mom came back to me.  Even if you do not believe that any of this is true, simply that I asked you to keep this man away from you should be enough. 
Mark Kroening is your new step daddy.  I am convinced that you mom married him because he is willing to help keep you kidnapped and eliminate the little bit of time we were getting with each other.  Mark Kroening has not been married to your mom for a full year yet but already he has managed to completely rob us of all the time we were getting with each other.  My dear children, if Mark Kroening loved you at all or if he cared for you at all, he would not hurt your father like he does.  What Mark Kroening is doing to us is hate, not love.  Mark Kroening is helping to keep you kidnapped from me.  Mark Kroening does not want you to have a life with your father.  Mark Kroening wants you to forget about your real daddy, his actions prove this.  And now this man is living with you.  For this man, Mark Kroening to live with you is evil, disgusting, and sinful.  Mark Kroening is not your real daddy.  Mark Kroening is your fake daddy and he is helping to keep you kidnapped from your real daddy.  Mark Kroening helped convince Judge Mehling to raise the ransom on you beyond what I can pay and now I may be imprisoned for it. How is this love for you my children?  If Mark Kroening ever tells you that he loves you or cares for you he is lying to you.  Any one that is victimizing and hating your father is also victimizing and hating you.
Children, your kidnappers have found an ally in Kenton County Court in Covington Kentucky.  This court has enabled your kidnappers to keep you kidnapped and has become the muscle to collect your ransom and are maliciously making me a criminal for being the best dad I can be.  Rick Konkole-Thegy, your GAL, has especially proven to be evil and a friend to perverts and kidnappers.  If true justice existed, Rick Konkole-Thegy would be tarred, feathered, hung, and then shot between the eyes because he has personally done more harm to our family than all the perverts and kidnappers combined.
My children, I have much more to tell you but this is enough for now.  If I am not wrongfully imprisoned again, I will write you in one week.
I love you (name redacted), I love you (name redacted), I love you (name redacted), I love you (name redacted), but Jesus love you more.  Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you when everyone else will.  Jesus shed his blood on the cross because he loves you and so you will never perish but have ever lasting life.
With all my love and sincerity, your father
Zuriel Daniel Turk
Photo via Blogger of Zuriel Turk