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Photos: 85th Annual Bellevue Dayton Memorial Day Parade

The crowds came out in droves for the 85th annual Bellevue-Dayton Memorial Day Parade that ran down Sixth Avenue and Fairfield Avenue.

Tons of organizations, civic groups, schools, and political candidates decorated floats, vehicles, and banners and marched as candy was thrown to the many children on the sides of the street.

RCN contributor Steve Oldfield captured these images:

 photo oldfieldbdparade_zpsdb22992f.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade17_zpsdb99dcba.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade14_zps5b6c4db3.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade16_zpsdab20abe.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade15_zps235d1795.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade12_zps00fbd93d.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade13_zpsc57f2a7b.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade11_zps808275db.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade10_zps01a16c56.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade8_zps53c013b4.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade2_zpsfc16b214.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade3_zpsa8a1d4f1.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade6_zpse7f869c5.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade7_zps01e7851b.jpg  photo oldfieldbdparade4_zpscc8eae2b.jpg

RCN editor Michael Monks captured these images: