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Who's Who of Northern Kentucky to Lead Region's Strategic Plan Process

The myNKY community visioning outreach effort has selected the members of a leadership team that will help to create and lead the plan for the future of Northern Kentucky.

The twenty-seven team members represent a variety of generations, geographies, organizations, industries, and beliefs to ensure the next vision for Northern Kentucky is as representative of the population’s wants and needs as possible.  The team will be co-led by Sharmili Reddy, a senior planner with the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission and Geoff Mearns, President of Northern Kentucky University.

The members will be empowered to work with the community—both individuals and partner organizations—to craft the next strategic plan for Northern Kentucky. Over the course of the upcoming months the team will develop a partner-led working groups structure designed to ensure local expertise is properly tapped throughout the data gathering and idea generation phase of the community planning process.

“It is exciting to work with such strong community leaders on topics so important to our future,” stated Andrew Aiello, General Manager of TANK and one of 12 leadership members representing the young professional demographic.

The multi-generational leadership approach is just one of a handful of strategies that have carried over from the 2005 planning process. A.J. Schaeffer and former NKU president Jim Votruba, who served as visioning process co-chairs in 2005, are also serving on the leadership team to offer continuity and institutional knowledge related to the previous plan.

One of the greatest differences between the 2005 process and the engagement strategies being employed by the myNKY campaign is the use of modern technology—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and gaming—to engage a wider audience to participate in creating Northern Kentucky’s future.

“That’s why it is critical that a team that represents the full community be convened to oversee the data review and plan creation,” said team member Reverend Richard Fowler of the Ninth Street Baptist Church in Covington.  “And if you live in Northern Kentucky and you haven’t visited, you need to.  You need to contribute your ideas and make your voice heard before myNKY comes to a close June 1.”

The public engagement portion of the campaign will conclude June 1 with the Leadership team moving its attention to the data analysis and plan creation phase in early June.

The campaign leadership team consists of the following community leaders:

•           Dan Adams – Earthineer

•           Andrew Aiello – Transit Authority of NKY

•           Eric Avner – The Haile / U.S. Bank Foundation

•           Rich Boehne – E.W. Scripps

•           Katie Brass – The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center

•           Carri Chandler – Toyota

•           Terri Cox Cruey – Kenton County Schools

•           Rev. Richard Fowler – Ninth Street Baptist Church

•           Chris Goddard – HealthPoint Family Care

•           Mike Goss – Toyota

•           Amanda Greenwell – UpTech

•           Kim Halbauer – Fifth Third Bank

•           Jordan Huizenga – Childrens, Inc.

•           Dan Hunt – Ziegler & Schneider

•           Candace McGraw – Kenton Co. Airport Board

•           Geoff Mearns – Northern Kentucky University

•           Katie Meyer – Renaissance Covington, Inc.

•           Dan Molina – Accenture

•           Sharmili Reddy – NKY Area Planning Commission

•           Lynne Saddler – Northern Kentucky Health Department

•           A.J. Schaeffer – Tufco Flooring and Chair of Vision 2015

•           Debbie Simpson – MultiCraft and Chair of the NKY Chamber of Commerce

•           Ken Stone – Grant County News (retired)

•           Stacy Tapke – Kenton Co. Attorney’s Office

•           Shiloh Turner – Greater Cincinnati Foundation

•           Jim Votruba – Northern Kentucky University

•           Yvonne Washington – United Way of Greater Cincinnati

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