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City of Bellevue Closes on Purchase of Marianne Theater

The City of Bellevue has closed on its purchased of the old Marianna Theater on Fairfield Avenue.

The city made the announcement late last week.

It was first announced in March that the city was eyeing the acquisition of the long-shuttered cinema and on March 12, the city council unanimously approved allowing Mayor Ed Riehl to move forward with those plans.

"Everybody on this governing body should be proud we made this effort to make it happen. Hats off to everybody," Mayor Riehl said at the time. The city was expected to spend no more than $138,380 for the property after the mayor and city staff continued what had been on-and-off-again conversations with Marianne owner Jack Eck.

Any plans for the theater's redevelopment have not been announced. What would you like to see happen there? Weigh in at Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Photo: Marianna Theater/RCN file

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