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Photos: Inside the Covington Police Bike Patrol

Inside an old laundromat space on Fifth Street in Downtown Covington, a special part of the Covington Police Department is housed.

The department's bike patrol is sought after across the globe for innovative practices.

But looking at the exterior of its space, you might not know that!

Fortunately, after years of move after move, the Bike Patrol will be moving to what is hoped to be a permanent space on the 400 block of Scott Boulevard where an historic building is being redeveloped.

The River City News is working with the police department on a series of web videos and one feature is on the Bike Patrol. Did you know that these guys were an instrumental piece of getting the city's trail system started?

You'll learn about that and a lot more when the web series is released in the summer. 

In the meantime, get a rare look inside the Bike Patrol's headquarters in this slideshow: