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Isn't It Time to Do Something About the Excessive Cigarette Butts on Covington Streets?

What good is the all the upcoming, ambitious development when a short walk on just a few city blocks in Downtown Covington is like a sad dance in a giant ashtray?

Piles and piles of thousands of cigarette butts litter the new landscaping at the expanded library, cover every piece of ground at bus stops, fill the green space behind and area behind and around our Frank Duveneck statue, and accumulate in every street gutter.

Some are thoughtlessly flicked from vehicles driven by careless smokers who view the road as their own personal waste basket while many more are discarded by those who litter and loiter, seemingly for a living, around some of our most important assets like the library.

What can be done about this? Should the fine be increased for throwing cigarette butts out of a car on to the street? Should that be more heavily enforced? Could we fight the massive loitering epidemic in Downtown Covington, particularly around Scott Boulevard?

These photos in the slideshow below are from a Monday evening walk down Scott Blvd., Pike Street, and Madison Avenue.

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