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Mercedes-Benz of Ft. Mitchell Announces Life-Saving Program to Assist First Responders

Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell announces anautomotive industry first: a new life-saving innovation titled Rescue Assist℠.
Rescue Assist℠ for Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners will provide first responders with technological assistance when arriving on the scene of an accident. By scanning a QR code (machine readable code) that is strategically placed in the vehicle, Rescue Assist℠ provides information locating the key structural points on the vehicle. The information tells emergency responders where to safely and quickly access trapped passengers, therefore saving lives, states a news release from the company.
Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell is now announcing to all Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners throughout the Greater Cincinnati area of this innovation. Mercedes-Benz is now offering a no cost inspection and installation for the decals. This new tool for first responders is now installed on many models during factory assembly, but can be added to older models as well, by Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell.
“It is comforting to know that we represent a brand of luxury automobiles that values innovation in safety probably one of the many reasons more and more customers are flocking to Mercedes-Benz," said Don Paparella, managing partner of the Ft. Mitchell dealership, in a news release. "We are excited to make this free inspection and installation available at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell.”
“We have a process in place to quickly and accurately check for and install the QR code decals. We recognize the value of investing a few minutes of time to potentially save a life,” Jessica Pauley, Service Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell.
"Time is everything when responding to an accident," said Fort Mitchell Fire Chief Scott McVey. "To have information at the responders’ fingertips that expedites the rescue of passengers is a benefit to everyone. We applaud Mercedes-Benz on its innovation and Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell in providing the information and service.”
For more information, contact Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell Service Department at (859) 331-1500 or visit
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