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What's the Second Most Common Religion in Your County?

With Christianity being the dominant religion in all fifty states, have you ever wondered which religion might be second largest in your state?

What about your county?

The Washington Post reports on data collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies during the census it conducts every year. With most of the country identifying as Christian (more than half as Protestant and nearly a quarter as Catholic), Islam is the second most common faith, particularly in the south and upper Midwest.

That includes Kentucky and Indiana. In Ohio, the second most common religion is Judaism.

The data is also broken down by county. Islam is also the second most common religion in Boone and Kenton Counties while Campbell County falls in the a more common secondary category of "adherents reported" associated with Bahai and Zoroastrian faiths.

Judaism is the second most common in Hamilton County, Ohio (Cincinnati) and in Fayette County (Lexington) and McCracken County (Paducah) in Kentucky. 

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